Mar 072007


El dibujante (a la par que diseñador de videojuegos y otras miles de cosas) ha anunciado en su web oficial, que la 4ª Temporada de The Batman, serie en la que él colaboraba con los diseños de los personajes, será la última en la que participará.Os dejo la nota que ha escrito:

Thanks to everyone for their support of season 4 of «The Batman», it was so much fun I had to remind myself I was working. It’s been great hearing how all of you guys have really been enjoying the new stories and direction and believe me, I couldn’t have had more fun helping to bring it to you. I just wanted to let you guys know that season 4 will be my last on «The Batman». I’ll miss being in on story meetings and the creative process, but as you all have heard, the great Alan Burnett(who is one of the coolest guys ever)will be the new story editor! Michael Jelenic has also moved on, and you’ll be hearing about his new project soon! I’m proud to have worked on season 4 and to have been able to talk to a bunch of you guys about our love for Batman. I actually helped storyboard the last JLA sequence for «The Joining, Part 2», as my last contribution to the Batman, I hope you guys like it. Thanks for your continued support of the show, now I’ll be on the other side of the tv when season 5 airs, so make room on the couch!



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  1. no puede ser the batman es mi serie favorita y yo que queria ver mas de las locuras de guason!jajaja

    me siento deseccionado Jeff Matsuda /.(

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