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Tiene toda la pinta…

Superherohype, pocos minutos después de recibir la noticia del nuevo poster de la película, que presenta a Whiplash, el personaje que interpreta Mickey Rourke, ha recibido la siguiente imagen:

vendiéndola como una pista… ¿Pero de qué? Hay quien se ha parado a copiar el texto completo del artículo de la foto:

The Secret Life of Mr. StarkStark is Iron Man [unclear text] Genius Mr. Stark, inventor [unclear text] Industries, and international [unclear text] world with this greatest [unclear text]. Stark discusses his time [unclear text, possibly Afghanistan], and reveals how [unclear text] his new identity.

Stunning the world’s press, amazing captains of industry, delighting a curious public and thrilling children the world over, Tony Stark, CEO of Stark Enterprises announced this week that he was the man behind Iron Man. The mysterious metal-clad behemoth that has battled terrorists, challenged natural disasters, and rescued thousands of people around the world, had people guessing as to his true identity.

Last month, at Stark Headquarters in Southern California, Tony Stark declared that his company founded by his father, will no longer design and manufacture weapons of mass destruction. Stark announced a new era for his company, Stark Enterprises, in which the company would turn its resources to the creation of alternative technology and non-military products. This announcement is a dramatic departure for the company.

Such turn of events occurred after Mr. Stark [unclear text] near Bagram, Afghanistan. Stark was at the time traveling in the country to meet with high-ranking military officials with a full military escort when he was attacked.

Tony Stark, was feared dead after this attack in Afghanistan for months, until he was discovered alive by the US Attache in Saudi Arabia. Stark arrived at the US Base after being spotted on the steppes near the border of Uzbekistan. Stark was transported by helicopter and treated for his injuries. Obadiah Stane, who has been serving as CEO of Stark Enterprises since Stark went missing issued a statement of gratitude for Stark’s safe return.

Tony denies having any substantial injuries or emotional trama [Note: trama is actually spelled trauma] caused from this recent kiddenaping [Note: kidnapping is the correct spelling here]. He instead has been inspired to continue his father’s legacy in what he believes to be a greater [unclear text].

Finally, the truth is [unclear text] Stark [text fades to black].

En cuanto tengamos más datos, iremos informando.


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