Ago 282011

El próximo 31 de Octubre sale a la venta en USA y UK el DVD y Blu-Ray de X-Men: Primera Generación. Para ello hnan lanzado este spot para promocionarlo. Tiene escenas bastante spoilers, así que el que no haya visto la película (¿de verdad hay alguien?) le aconsejo que no lo vea…

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– Cerebro: The Ultimate Mutant Database; replicates what happens when Charles locates mutants through Cerebro and allows you to learn more about various mutants, connect them to key events, decipher connections between them and much more (additional mutants can be unlocked through BD Live)
– Children of the Atom – Multi-Part Documentary on the X-Men including the following elements: Second Genesis, Band of Brothers, Transformation, Suiting Up, New Frontier: a Dose of Style, Pulling Off the Impossible, Sound & Fury and Untitled Closing.

13 Deleted Scenes:
– Erik in Argentinean Airport
– Shaw with Cuban Generals
– Charles & Moira’s Tryst, Part 1
– Charles & Erik Recruit Angel (extended)
– The Russian Truck (extended)
– Erik vs Russian Guards (extended)
– Shaw’s Plan (extended)
– Havok Training, Part 1 (extended)
– Banshee Training, Part 1 (extended)
– Havok Training, Part 2 (extended)
– Banshee Training, Part 2 (extended)
– Hank & Raven in the Lab (extended)
– Charles & Moira’s Tryst, Part 2

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